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Born and educated in Korea, Mae Jeon studied commercial art and received a BS in graphic design, MFA in Art of Advertisement in Hong-ik University in Seoul.

Jeon practiced a multitude of artistic techniques at school workshops and in field trips during high school. She admired impressionist paintings. Using oil pastel, Jeon imitated Neo classic and Impressionist paintings from the art books her father had given her. In college, Mae majored in graphic design and continued painting in artist workshops where she created large scale oil paintings of cityscapes and portraits for submission to the National Fine Art exhibition in Korea.

After graduating, Jeon moved to Japan. She lived in Tokyo for 14 months and worked with the

Shiseido Company as a graphic designer. Here she frequently visited the art

galleries near her office building in Ginza, where she enjoyed the exposure to a diversity of painting styles. Jeon was impressed with fantastical and surreal artworks, and inspired to create her own paintings.

Mae Jeon had her first solo exhibit in Tokyo with mixed medium in a butterfly theme. The following year after returning to Korea, Jeon had a second solo exhibition while working as a graphic designer for a Cosmetic company in Seoul. Jeon then moved to the United States with her husband after married. In USA she worked as a freeleance and staff graphic designer while raising a family. After 30 years, Jeon retired from commercial art profession to pursue her passion in creating fine art using a digital medium.

Jeon’s work has been exhibited in numerous show throughout the United States and abroad

Including: Chianciano Museum Show in Italy, Nevada Museum Show in Las Vegas, Art

Expo and Art Project show in New York. She had her 4th digital art solo exhibition in Museum

of Americas in Florida in 2008. She also won the Best work prize from the 2012 International

Monoprint Exhibit at the Museum of Americas.

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