My artwork is the combination of intuition and discovery within the digital medium. I create the digital image by incorporating a flower with abstraction. By combining floral images within synthetic environments, I transform an emotional and spiritual vocabulary to a pictorial image of art.

I found that the flower and my emotion had similarity in frailty and sensuality. I started to create digital artwork depicting states of mind in my spiritual life and emotions through the subject of flowers.

I often find inspiration to create my vision resonates inside of me when I play around with the digital paint brush or other image making digital tools. When I explore the digital technology world to generate images with digital software, I always feel an interactive bond with the digital medium, like I am regaining my creative youth.

I believe that the digital art medium was given to me for a reason in my late life, I sensed that I found something to fulfill my creative purpose. My goal is to create magnificent images as this versatile digital technology allows me to achieve.

I wish my artwork to live longer than I, by contributing to the future of digital art. However, if my art invokes spiritual hope and enlightenment in any one viewer’s heart, I feel that I have touched on the goal of being fine artist.