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My artwork is a combination of intuition and discovery within a digital medium.

I use flower shapes as the basic chords to transform spiritual impression into pictorial images by incorporating digitally created images. My inspiration for new art often comes from my daily meditation and listening to spiritual words.

I often begin work with an abstract image that I capture by exploring digital imaging and painting software. I generally use the abstract image as a simulated environment for the context I want to visualize. I then select a photographed flower to transplant into the background. It might be said that selecting a flower for creating my art is like casting the main character for

a divine drama.

During the final stage I usually work with my intuition. I apply filter effects and add other visual elements as I feel it needs to achieve a pleased pictorial image as a whole piece.

I aim to create magnificent images that the best use of current digital media allows me to achieve. I wish my digital work could contribute to the course of digital art history by reflecting current time of digital technology. Moreover if my art invokes spiritual hope and enlightenment in any viewer’s heart I would think that I have touched on the goal of being fine artist.


Mae Jeon

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